Low Energy Nuclear Physics International Collaboration


June, 2021
Evgeny Epelbaum wins Faddeev Medal "for his groundbreaking work on developing high-precision chiral two- and three-nucleon forces that transformed few- and many-body nuclear physics."

May, 2021
The latest LENPIC paper is selected by Physical Review C as Editor's Suggestion.

April, 2021
Ulf-G. Meißner has received an ERC Advanced Grant for his work on theoretical nuclear physics and related anthropic investigations.

November, 2020
Evgeny Epelbaum has received an Advanced Grant from the European Research Council (ERC) for his theoretical research.

March 24, 2020
5th LENPIC Meeting (online), organized by the Krakow group

December, 2019
Patrick Reinert has been awarded the 2019 Dr. Klaus Erkelenz Award for his outstanding scientific work in the field of theoretical nuclear and hadron physics on the topic "High precision nuclear forces from chiral effective field theory".

September, 2019
Evgeny Epelbaum is elected to Fellow of the Americal Physical Society "for pioneering developments in nuclear forces and electroweak currents in chiral effective field theory and for their successful applications in few- and many-body systems."

August, 2019
LENPIC paper published in Phys. Rev. C93 (2016) 044002 reaches 100 citations according to inSPIRE!

May, 2019
Our colleague Kacper Topolnicki has been awarded an assistant professor position ("adiunkt") at the M. Smoluchowski Institute of Physics, Jagiellonien University, Krakow. Congratulations to Kacper!

October 15, 2018
The Department of Physics and Astronomy at Iowa State University (ISU) seeks candidates for faculty positions at a junior level for a cluster of positions in theoretical physics and astrophysics.

February 19-20, 2018
4th LENPIC Meeting, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany

May 2017
Financial support for traveling is granted by the Polish National Science Center to the Krakow group (Grant No 2016/22/M/ST2/00173, 2017-2020).

February 10-11, 2017
3rd LENPIC Meeting, Jagiellonian University and Institute of Nuclear Physics, Krakow, Poland

May, 2016
Prof. Ulf-G. Meißner is awarded the 2016 EPS Lise Meitner Prize
"for his developments and applications of effective field theories in hadron and nuclear physics, that allowed for systematic and precise investigations of the structure and dynamics of nucleons and nuclei based on Quantum Chromodynamics."

July 8, 2014
2nd LENPIC Meeting, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany

April 2014
Financial support for traveling is granted by the Polish National Science Center to the Krakow group (Grant No.DEC-2013/10/M/ST2/00420).

July 4, 2013
1st LENPIC Meeting, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany